Nuestras Notas: Fransico

image00For our first installment of Nuestras Notas, meet Fransico. To better understand how their communities function, all the Natik scholarship students complete community service, and today Fransico shares his experience as a volunteer at ANADESA, an agency that has exposed him to the education, ecological, and tourist industries of his home city.

I do my volunteer service at the institute ANADESA (Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer de Santiago Atitlán), which is in the county of Panabaj.

I have been volunteering for three months. I help the teachers and representatives with jobs so that they could do other tasks. For example, I cut the letters used for teaching the alphabet to the children who are studying there. I clean so that visitors can see that the institution is orderly. I also help the institute order things like reams of paper bond, markers, tape, and glue.

When visitors come to ANADESA from other countries to learn about the institute and its objectives, I quickly set up the chairs and put out pamphlets. When the visitors leave I put away the chairs.

I am getting to know the teachers and representatives well. They are grateful for my support because they know I put all my heart into my work. They assign me jobs that I feel confident I will do well.

Sometimes I work outside of the building too. Right now, every county of Santiago Atitlán has to clean all of the water pollution, and ANADESA, because the institution greatly supports the county of Punajab, is cleaning a part of the lake’s shore. I went with them to provide my support. Sometimes I also go with the institute to the look-out over Santiago Atitlán since they are remaking it. They are reconstructing so visitors from other countries can enjoy the landscape of Atitlán’s lake and the mountains that shape it.

I enjoyed much of what I did this month and I hope that next month will go the same. I thank Natik, who gives me their support so I can meet new people in the community.