Nuestras Notas: Maria Esquina

MARIA ESQUINAMeet Maria Esquina! She is a scholarship student in Santiago Atitlan, Gautemala, and aiming to be a high school teacher. Today, she talks about the passion she and her community have for education.

Hello! I am María Esquina. I would like to talk with you a bit about education in Guatemala. Many children in my country have the desire to go to school and study when they grow up. When the children get to study in school, they always have smiles on their faces because every day they get to learn. Sometimes, though, the students have to share their materials because there are not enough in the school for everyone.

I go to University Panamericana, which is one of the most distinguished universities in our country of Guatemala. It is known for the way that it creates and develops hope and knowledge in its students. In University Panamericana Headquarters 54, I study to teach secondary education with focus on administration of education centers.


In the university the students get to do different activities, like games, songs, dances, and more. Out of all of the activities we do in the university, the majority of them are organized by the students themselves. Also in every course we have group and individual work. In the above image, we are working in groups, where we make presentations and hold forums.