Nuestras Notas: Love for Mathematics

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José Elías, a Natik scholarship student, loves mathematics. Not only is he hoping to become a professor, but he is also volunteering at an organization to tutor other struggling students. Yet again, he has proven his dedication to both school and his volunteer organization.

I finished two months of classes here at Guatemala Valley University. Basically the classes that I like are Linear Algebra and Calculus One. I normally like these type of courses. These are very practical courses, and not very abstract. I also need a lot of logic to solve the exercises.

During this year, I have the dream of finishing fifth and sixth semester. I will work for good grades, and it is also important to finish my career path of Intermediate Education Professor with a specialization in Mathematics and Computation. I will achieve these dreams with perseverance, responsibility, patience, and intelligence. I have to be punctual to my classes, bring all of my homework on the days on which they are do, and participate in different activities.


In respect to my service, it is true that I like to work at the National Institute of Diversified Education, INED. I want to work here because I want to help students in their math courses. They told me that the students are doing poorly in these courses, and it is costing them the content. It is true that I have the will and the capacity to help them. Since I am specializing in the courses of mathematics, I will be a good fit.


José Elías, un becario de Natik, discute sobre su amor de matemáticas. Está especializando en matemáticas en escuela, y también está ayudando un organización para enseñar matemáticas a estudiantes que tienen problemas con esto. Otra vez, José está demostrando su dedicación para escuela y su organización.

Ya terminé dos meses de clases en la Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala. Básicamente los cursos que me están gustando son Álgebra lineal y Cálculo 1. Normalmente me gustan esos tipos de cursos. Son cursos muy prácticos y un poco abstracto. Se necesita mucha lógica para resolver los ejercicios.

Este año tengo los sueños de ganar el quinto y sexto semestre. Voy a lograr a obtener unas buenas notas y también es importante para cerrar la carrera de Profesorado de Enseñanza Media Especializado en Matemática y Computación. Voy a lograr estos sueños con perseverancia, responsabilidad, paciencia, y inteligencia. Tengo que estar puntual en las clases, entregar tareas en las fechas indicadas, y participar en las diferentes actividades.


Con respecto al servicio, la verdad es que me gusta trabajar en el Instituto Nacional de Educación Diversificada (INED). Quiero trabajar en este lugar porque quiero ayudar a los estudiantes con sus cursos de matemática. Me informaron que los estudiantes están un poco mal en ese cursos y que les está costando los contenido. Es la verdad que tengo la voluntad y la capacidad de ayudarlos. Ya que me estoy especializando en el curso de matemáticas, entonces encajaría bien con ellos.

The Traveling Library: Expansion Review

After nearly a decade, La Puerta Abierta is proud to have remained true to its founding philosophy of empowerment through literacy. La Puerta Abierta has offered the Traveling Library Program to early education classes as an outreach project for local schools and community centers for the past 8 years. This year, we have launched a new branch of our Traveling Library that focuses on teen literacy. Our Traveling Library Coordinator, Isaias, shares his experiences with the new program.


During this year the Mobile Library started the literacy program for youth and adolescents in the Intermediate level at public schools.

Our first experiences have been challenging. It was very new, sharing the new forms of exploration in reading with a more mature audience.

Every day the youth surprise us with their imagination and works in our literacy circle. Everyone has fun and converses about what had happened in their favorite chapter of the book. Right now we are sharing stories like “Charlotte’s Web,” “Harry Potter,” and “Island of the Blue Dolphins.”


This is Juan, a great friend of the literacy program of sixth grade. Juan is passionate about classical books and stories.

I have observed Juan during the past few years. Juan is one of the star students in our literacy class. He is always there to lend a book during Literacy Recreation. During the reading segment, he is among the students who finish their book twice, and he has fun helping his friends review the chapters and fix any confusion about what happened.


In addition, he teaches us the physical capacities are not an impediment for enjoying a journey in the marvelous pages of a book.

Juan is an inspiration for me, and his friends!

To find out more about the Traveling Library, watch the video or donate, go here.