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In the rural areas of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, low incomes make books scarce, and most schools only have a poor selection of poor quality books.

The Puerta Abierta Traveling Library brings the joys of reading and creative learning to young students.

“Here comes the story teacher!” the children yell as the Puerta Abierta Traveling librarian carries books into the classroom. For an hour each week, the children enjoy stories and engaging activities like painting and singing with the cheerful staff of the traveling library. Classes even get to keep the books for a week.

New books help kids stay excited about learning, and the Traveling Library is one of the few resources for books operating in these regions. Currently, the Puerta Abierta Traveling Library is working with eight schools, and we want to make sure we can help them continue keeping students learning creatively and reading joyfully.

A donation in any amount will help!

Below are some examples of different levels of donations:

  • $10– One children’s book
  • $50– Educational materials for one school for one month
  • $100– Librarian’s stipend for one month
  • $500– Public transportation for one teacher for one year
  • $1,200– Librarian, materials, and transportation for one school, for one year

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We value your gifts, and we are committed to using them wisely. Our partners and their programs are our top priority, and most of our funding goes directly toward running our programs. In addition to Project Spending, much of our staff time goes toward working with our partners.