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Since 2007, the Santiago Scholarship Program has provided financial, academic, and life-skills assistance to highly-motivated students whose families lack the financial resources to support their educational goals. In exchange for their scholarship, students contribute to the community through service to local organizations.

Youth in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, face significant financial barriers to education, including mandatory tuition for public schools and other required costs, such as books and uniforms.

Most families can barely cover essentials, so many children stop their formal education before finishing primary school. Instead of attending school, they help support their families by working menial jobs with no opportunity to advance in their work, pursue careers that interest them, or build financial security.

Education can have a significant impact on students’ lifelong financial stability. The average income of rural Guatemalan workers rises 30% with an elementary school education and 50% with secondary school education.

The value of the Santiago Scholarship program is more than financial; it helps graduates build meaningful careers. During their years of study, Natik provides academic support, facilitates important life-skills, and requires professional contributions to the local community through the service component. When they graduate, they work as teachers, nurses, and business administrators and are actively involved in improving their community.

These Santiago Scholars need your support so that they can continue their education! Each of them works hard for the opportunity to learn, and we commit to supporting them until they graduate from high school.

A donation in any amount will help!

Below are some examples of different levels of donations:

  • $10– school supplies for one student
  • $50– Scholarship for 1 student for 1 month
  • $100– school supplies for one student for a year
  • $500– for one student for one year

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