June 28, 2017

New Natik Video!

Thanks to Calvin Simmons of OneSixTwoSeven Films in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Natik has a new video! Check it out!Continue Reading
David Feurerbach was a Natik intern during the summer of 2016, between his junior and senior year at Denver University, in the International Studies Department.  His job was to documentContinue Reading
We need your help to keep all our students in school for the rest of 2017.  Join the Natik team and contribute to our amazing Guatemalan scholars! Mother’s Day: DonateContinue Reading
The students of the Natik Santiago Atitlán Scholarship program are currently working to transform their scholarship program, which has historically been 100% dependent on international grants and donations, into aContinue Reading
Libby began her work with Natik as a short-term volunteer. Her experiences in Zinacantan–with the children at Yo’onik and the artwork of its founders Xunka and Yoli–inspired her to continueContinue Reading
Brooke Pike started working with Natik as a Fellow in early 2012. She and her husband, Elliot, were the first participants in the Natik Fellowship Program, and worked in Chiapas,Continue Reading
In March, a group of five intrepid seniors from Portland, Oregon ventured to Chiapas. The personal histories of Nancy Johns, Turner Odell, Jeanne Pace, Dale Stitt and Davis Fisher includeContinue Reading
Anita Smart has been the Executive Director of Natik since 2010.  In her blog, she writes about the latest developments in the Santiago Scholarship Program.  The exciting news for theContinue Reading
Bruce Chase teaches Spanish at Fair Haven Union High School in Fair Haven, Vermont. With the help of his students, he has been supporting the Santiago Scholarship Program since 2011.Continue Reading
Amanda Flayer is an educator from California, who worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, and stayed! She is the co-founder of the Puerta Abierta Library with Karen Hedrick,Continue Reading