▼ Salta a español This week’s blog is by Concepcion. She is our kindergarten teacher and has been working with Puerta Abierta for nearly a decade. Concepcion is also theContinue Reading
▼ Salta a español José Elías, a Natik scholarship student, loves mathematics. Not only is he hoping to become a professor, but he is also volunteering at an organization to tutor otherContinue Reading
Cambia a español After nearly a decade, La Puerta Abierta is proud to have remained true to its founding philosophy of empowerment through literacy. La Puerta Abierta has offered the TravelingContinue Reading
Cambia a español As we enter our fourth month of schooling here in Guatemala, some of the Secondary School Scholarship students chose to reflect back on their first day ofContinue Reading
Welcome to the music-filled lives of donors Patti and Steve. Natik is proud to be connected with such a loving and talented family, who, since their first meeting with scholarship student Martha Arriago threeContinue Reading
It has been a busy year, so for this month’s edition of Nuestras Notas, we have a double feature. José and Alma, both Natik Scholarship Students, tell us some ofContinue Reading
Ian Ramsey-North is Chair of the Natik Board of Directors. He first worked with Natik in Guatemala in 2006 following a devastating mudslide that displaced thousands. Currently, he works in northern Uganda with the UgandaContinue Reading
December 3, 2015

Dear Natik Friends

Nancy Johns, PhD., founder and Executive Director of two Parenting and Family Non-Profits in Philadelphia, has almost sixty years involvement in dozens of development organizations and institutions throughout Latin America,Continue Reading
In the quote above Pablo Picasso tells us, “Every child is an artist. The problem is continuing to be one once we have grown.” Creativity is at the heart ofContinue Reading
The Traveling Library is an effective model for many reasons. While children receive exposure to reading and interactive activities, class-room teachers gain training in how to incorporate literacy into their curriculum.Continue Reading