Nuestras Notas: 2016 Double Feature

It has been a busy year, so for this month’s edition of Nuestras Notas, we have a double feature. José and Alma, both Natik Scholarship Students, tell us some of their favorite parts of the school year. From cell phones calculators to interpretive dance, from pageantry to volley ball, school was edifying and surprisingly fun!

image00My name is José. First of all, I want to tell you that I am very happy in my classes. I study happily and participate a lot in my school, NUFED 34.

We have finished our first semester’s evaluations, and I am thrilled. I have given it my all, so that I could succeed in all of my courses. I studied a lot, and now I am just waiting for the grades. This first semester, we did so many different things in our classes that I wanted to share some of them with you now.

In Theater, we participated in a competition against other student groups. We organized plays, rehearsed them, and witnessed the results of our efforts. I liked how much excitement and emotion there was. After all, it is important to have fun in what you do.

In Expressionist Dance, we had to present a dance as our evaluation of the first semester. I like this class because all you need to do is practice and participate to do well in the course.

I was very happy during Physical Education. During this past semester, we learned volleyball. It was very fun. For our evaluation my professor called us up in pairs to see how we were doing. My professor told me that I was handling the ball very well.

I was also very happy in the course of Home Economics. In this course we learned to prepare food. One time the teacher told us that we had to prepare a very desirable dish, and I presented a plate of fried fish. My teacher, with a smile, told me that my food was very tasty.

I accomplished many different things that my school gave me, and it was with a great deal of enthusiasm that I completed all of this work on time. Overall, I am very happy to report that I am very content and happy along with my friends here at school.

image01My name is Alma. In this picture I am doing my math exercises. I am working on them because my teacher told us that all of the exercises should be done well when we bring them into class and wants to see if we had any doubts when working.

At school this month (in addition to doing our math homework), we held a special celebration. It is called the Day of Friendship, and before the celebration, we had to elect a Miss Friendship for our institute. First we selected one of our friends to represent our grade. My friend participated, and we helped with her dress and her dance. Everything was very exciting, frightening, and happy. While we were waiting for the results for the winner of Miss Friendship, we were filled with a combination of emotions. In the end, it was sad because our candidate did not win, but we all had a lot of fun throughout the activity. Afterwards we exchanged presents with students of the other grades. I think it was fun that we got to share with the other students.image00

Overall this day was a bit crazy for me because we also had to elect the board of directors for the ninth grade. I was a bit nervous because, when we are in the ninth grade, we need to program many special activities with our class in order to complete our schooling cycle. Every week we have a meeting to think about the activities we will have during the year.