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We empower marginalized communities…

Our partner organizations have emerged from some of the world’s most marginalized groups – Mayan women and children in Guatemala and Mexico – and they combat some of the world’s most immobilizing forces – educational and economic inequality.

…by supporting local grassroots organizations.

It is our goal to support these grassroots organizations however we can. For them, we are both an international collaborator and a local partner, and we ensure that they have access to 21st-century tools, research, and fundraising options. In our long term relationships with our partners, we empower them to grow in ways that only they can imagine.

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Where We Work

Chiapas, Mexico

Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala


Our Partners

Educational Empowerment

La Puerta Abierta Library and Learning Center (‘Open Door’ in Spanish) offers creative learning opportunities to Santiago Atitlán children by way of preschool through sixth grade, after school enrichment programs, reading circles, homework help, and the Traveling Library which spreads the joy of reading to rural elementary schools, teens, and senior citizen programs in and around Santiago.

Yo’onik Learning Center (‘Heart’ in Tzotzil Mayan) provides homework help and an interactive learning environment for children in Zinacantán, Chiapas. The center also gives scholarships to secondary and preparatory school students in exchange for facilitating classes for younger students, and promotes a teen leadership qualities through classes in photography, technology, and English. The photography class recently published a Spanish-Tsotsil-English ABC book for local literacy in collaboration with the Lower East Side Girls Club.

The Santiago Scholarship Program supports high-achieving students in Santiago Atitlán who cannot otherwise afford to continue their education. The program provides academic support to contribute toward their success. The students learn many life skills, participate in reading circles, write essays, and are currently establishing Ruk’ux, an entrepreneurial Language and Cultural immersion project to help them finance university studies and help subsidize scholarships for younger students!

Economic Empowerment

Mujeres Sembrando la Vida (‘Women Sowing Life’ in Spanish) is a collective of artisans that create traditionally woven and embroidered textile products designed for modern markets.  Members of the collective have access to internally-managed loans that help individual artisans grow their capacity to respond to large orders. Mujeres Sembrando la Vida provides continuous educational support for the women in their collective, ensuring that the members have the skills necessary for financial stability and success. Check out their products on Etsy.